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How to Stage Your Home like a Pro

So, you’re looking to put your house up for sale. Well, a key piece to selling your home is to make it look attractive to potential buyers. As you take a look around the house at what you need to pack, do you notice any undesirable characteristics about the house? Maybe the paint is beginning to chip in one room or that once-white carpet is now a little more on the grayish side of things. These cosmetic home repairs that you have become accustomed to can be immediate turn offs to a future owner of the property.

According to the award-winning real estate agent, Ted Payne of Utah, a key aspect of selling your home is to show the strengths of the house while also downplaying the weaknesses.

The first step in staging your home- which also becomes the most useful- is to rid yourself of the clutter. We never truly realize how much we can accumulate over time until it’s time to sort through it all. De-cluttering a room not only makes the home cleaner and more organized, but can also make rooms appear bigger than they truly are. A professional stager will likely remove roughly half of what you have in the room, including furniture. So, to get a head start, clear the clutter and start the room from scratch.

Finding a good balance between clean freak and lived in can be hard. You don’t want the home to look like a zoo, but you also don’t want it to feel like a museum. After you have decluttered, wisely bring in a few simple pieces that add to the room. Consider a house plant in the living room or a bowl of fresh produce in the kitchen. Additionally, don’t be afraid to style certain elements of the home such as a large dining room table or the curtains. These little touches make the home feel warmer and not so staged or boring.

Finally, rearranging furniture tends to be a big help. Think of the potential of the room and not necessarily what you used the room for. Try to create a vision for potential buyers that marry the current home’s situation while allowing the buyer to imagine their plans for the home. Don’t be afraid to drag a chair or lamp from one room and place it in another. You may not have thought the dining room lamp was a good living room lamp, but it could help in changing the appeal of the room.

Staging your home is an art, but it’s fun. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and re-explore the house that you called home for so long. With these simple tips from Ted Payne, you’ll be able to stage your home like a professional for re-sale.

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